On this page I will show you how to update your online email a/c with outlook express.
See this Image-1 down.


On this above image you will notice "Remove from server when deleted for Deleted Items" is
un tick.
Now when you download messages in outlook express and after deleting them
in your outlook express the deleted email remains in online web mail a/c. So to resolve this
issue do a little tick mark to that option as shown in below Image-2.


Now enabling this option also clear the unwanted emails from your online
web mail a/c always when you delete it from your outlook express email client.
This process automatically works whenever you download emails. This will facilitate
you to keep your online email box clean. See next Image-3.


You can read what is written in above image in yellow color box. So try it I found very
help full for me. As I use to download emails in my both office & home pc.

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More to come check back soon.